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No they will remain on your website the entire time when they are ordering for pickup or delivery through the app.

Both you and the customer will receive a notification in real time as soon as the order is placed.

You will need to confirm that order on your restaurant phone or tablet in real time.

You will be able to see all online orders via the app.

You will also get orders to your email address

Yes, you can connect this app to your thermal printer (connected to multiple Epson and Star thermal printers which are widely used in many restaurants).

  • LAN (Ethernet) – the thermal printer is connected by network cable to a WiFi router and accesses the same WiFi network as the order taking device does;
  • WLAN (WiFi) – the thermal printer connects wirelessly to the same WiFi network that’s used by the order taking device;
  • Bluetooth – the thermal printer connects directly to the order taking device via Bluetooth.

To add a printer, open the order taking app and select Thermal printer from the menu. The app will guide you through adding a LAN, WiFi or Bluetooth printers

Yes you will be able to see your customers name, email, phone number and order detail on the app. These order information will also be sent to your email.

Order information will include the price of each line item ordered, the pickup time and payment method.

Yes you will have access to this via your restaurant login dashboard online. As part of your plan we will help you manage all aspects of your online ordering menu and answer all questions via phone support.

Yes you will have access to this via your restaurant login dashboard online

Yes. The reason for this is to provide the best customer user experience. Taking orders via email or fax results in a poor online ordering experience for the customer as they cannot receive order confirmations by the restaurant in real-time.

Yes, this is possible. To make sure this button is clearly visible to users browsing Facebook on their phone, the order menu button needs to be placed as the main call to action button on your Facebook business page.

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